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Run A/B tests before you go live on

multiple variations

with your customers or our panel of 110m people

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Your audience will help you

find winners

and tell you what can be improved

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Understand gut reactions and

maximise conversion

by refining messaging and calls to action

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Trusted by brand managers, content marketers and copywriters

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Loops saves time and money

Win more pitches. Nail more presentations.

Our clients love the insight-led approach as it makes their lives easier when selling up the chain of command, so everyone is happy.

Source: Kris Creative Director @ AKQA

Catch issues early and avoid huge costs.

The cost of fixing an error after release is 100x that of fixing an error before the project is completed.

Source: Dr Susan Weinshenk

Improve conversion rates by learning what people ‘think’.

We validate any assumptions to be confident that the creative changes we’re making resonate with our users and ultimately, help with conversion!

Source: Jonathan CTO @ THE OUT, powered by Jaguar Land Rover
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