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General FAQs

Project account/Pilot projects: £12 each + ask 10 Qs
Pro account: £10 each + ask 15 Qs
Enterprise account: We create a custom price for you.
B2B respondents: are costed on a job-per-job basis and typically start from £20 per person. However, this can go much higher if we are recruiting people with a niche profile.

If you are using your own respondents, e.g. sending a link to your CRM or socials, we do not charge you a respondent fee.

Pilot projects: we agree on how many you need (plus professional servicing) and bill 50% upfront and 50% when the project is completed.
Pro Account: we bill you in arrears at the end of each month based on your usage, e.g. If you use 500 respondents in May, Loops bills the account holder £5,000 on June 1st (500 x £10); plus the subscription fee for June £979 (total £5,979).
Enterprise Account: we create custom arrangements which typically involve larger credit bundles with bulk-buy discounts.

If you have a Pro or Enterprise account, we give you priority support to ensure you get data back as quickly as possible (within 48 hours on average). We’ll set up a dedicated Slack or Microsoft Teams channel so you have direct access to our Customer Success team. Please note that priority support does not include test set-up, test management or quant analysis, which we call Professional Services. These can be added on at an additional cost if required (see point below).

In addition to your monthly platform cost, you can pay for us to run your testing for you. All you need to do is supply the content, audience and questions and we’ll do the rest! We will estimate the management hours involved and send you a cost. This cost covers building your test, setting it live, all management and quant data analysis.

The minimum sample size we recommend for a Loops test is 100. This is enough to generate rich, qualitative insight but you can run tests with up to 1000 respondents for even richer insight and more ways to cut the data.

At the end of your subscription term, if you want to move to a free tier, you do not lose your data, but you do lose access to our Customer Success team for support and guidance and our professional services capabilities as well as Pro features like team management, respondent NDAs and custom audience screeners.

Loops Audience FAQs

Loops is integrated with a global panel marketplace via an API, which means we have access to over 300 different panel providers (110+ million people) around the world.

When setting up your test, you can apply up to 100 demographic filters to ensure you get the right audience profile. When you specify a unique audience, only the people who match the profile you want come through to Loops to give you feedback. If the filter does not exist for your specific profile, we can build you a custom screener, e.g. “I need non-rejectors of brand X”.

Yes! It is possible to send a test link to your own CRM database or socials. We do not charge you a respondent fee for self-sourced respondents.

After you have specified your audience and set your test live, the recruitment process is immediate. The relevant panels will be automatically notified and if a respondent in any of the panels matches your criteria, they will be invited to Loops to participate in the survey.

Once your test is live, you will start seeing responses in the platform within minutes. The average test completes within 48hrs.

Loops applies a machine-learning model that detects and removes bad verbatim, such as gibberish, from your test. This means that bad data from offending respondents will not be pulled through into your results and you will not be charged for their input. In addition, if you’re unhappy with any paid respondent, you can also manually flag them in the platform, and we will not charge you for them. This is our quality guarantee.

Loops does not request or collect any personal data from respondents - they remain anonymous - meaning there are no GDPR implications.

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