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Frequently asked questions

If you are on a Product plan you can downgrade at anytime to Starter and the changes will come info effect when your next monthly renewal is due. If you are on an Agency or Enterprise plan cancellation will be governed by the master services agreement in place.

1 credit = 1 consumer respondent.

You can ask up to 10 questions to a respondent for a credit.

For Starter and Pro accounts credits are bought on an ad-hoc basis inside the platform. These start at $120 for 15 credits ($8 each). For Agency and Enterprise accounts credits are bought in bulk upfront as part of annual package which includes a discount based on volume.

Loops is integrated with a global panel marketplace which means we have access to over 300 different panel providers around the world. So when you specify a unique audience only the people who match the profile you want come through to Loops to give you feedback. And if you're unhappy with any paid respondent, you can flag them in the platform and you will not be charged for their input. This is our quality guarantee.

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