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Integrates with leading design tools for a seamless workflow

Recruit specific participants from a global panel of 110m people for

fast feedback

or bring your own - and make data driven decisions

fast feedback

Test multiple assumptions at once and

validate ideas

then iterate the work and test again

validate ideas

Present work underpinned by customer data to

prove impact

and get buy-in from stakeholders and clients

prove impact
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Loops is a research tool designed by creatives to support the creative process.

You get qualitative feedback that’s easy to understand and actionable. People simply point and click to leave thoughts on product, content or marketing concepts - just like a digital whiteboard.

The end result isn’t a report or slide deck. It’s creative work that’s been optimized several times with data from real consumers - fresh insight improves each new iteration.

Insight-led designers, marketing teams and agencies use Loops in their workflows to craft output that is customer-centric and robust.

Product Design

Product Design

Discover emotion-led insights and that usability testing and analytics won’t surface. Great for developing your product’s look & feel with data.

Marketing & Creative

Marketing & Creative

Get the proposition right first so you can scale with confidence. Great for crafting brand, content and messaging that converts.

Packaging, Print & Retail

Packaging, Print & Retail

Pulling the trigger on physical production is always risky. Test with real people first. Great for optimizing anything physical like print and packaging.

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Loops saves time and money

Win more pitches. Nail more presentations.

Our clients love the insight-led approach as it makes their lives easier when selling up the chain of command, so everyone is happy.

Source: Kris Creative Director @ AKQA

Catch issues early and avoid huge costs.

The cost of fixing an error after release is 100x that of fixing an error before the project is completed.

Source: Dr Susan Weinshenk

Improve conversion rates by learning what people ‘think’.

We validate any assumptions to be confident that the creative changes we’re making resonate with our users and ultimately, help with conversion!

Source: Jonathan CTO @ THE OUT, powered by Jaguar Land Rover
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