Great design is built
on great feedback

Loops gathers step by step feedback on designs from users, team members and stakeholders in one place, then turns it into clear data and actionable tasks.

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Run design reviews, user-research and more straight from your design tool

Gather structured feedback in


from teams, stakeholders and customers
Recruit participants from our global audience of


and make evidence based choices
Connect your favourite

design tools

and bring user research into your design environment
“The process was so smooth, all we needed to do was send a link to our users, and they then started commenting. Having that kind of insight from real users is so important when you’re making fundamental changes to your product”
Jonathan Chong
CTO @ THE OUT, powered by Jaguar Land Rover

Loops is great for

Design reviews & critiques

Run synchronous or asynchronous sessions and set feedback deadlines to ensure a timely response.

Qualitative research

See as users annotate concepts in realtime then filter and add to a tasklist for the next steps.

Design experiments

Select areas on your designs and test assumptions with 100s of users at once.

Preference testing

Gather opinions on concepts and use machine learning to instantly determine which are preferred.

Copy testing

Test whether users understand your copy, or if they're confused, understand what they feel would be better.

Stakeholder alignment

Bring everyone relevant into the conversation without the need to access your design tool.

Loops saves time and money

Reduce time spent on product development cycles

Companies that invest in feedback during concept phase reduce time spent on product development cycles by 33 to 50%.

Source: Interaction Design Foundation

Catch issues before build and avoid huge costs

The cost of fixing an error after development is 100 times that of fixing an error before development of the project is completed.

Source: Dr Susan Weinshenk

Improve the experience and increase conversion

When UX feedback improves the customer experience, it raises a company’s KPIs up to 83% in conversion lift.

Source: Jacob Nielsen

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